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God is a part of our family


Meditation on the Readings for The Feast of the Holy Family

By Fr Joachim FSDM

Ahead of this Sunday’s Mass, (the Holy family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph). I have decided to reflect on the first and second readings (Year A) and the Gospel reading for this liturgical year (Year C).

This it truly is a time of joy, Jesus has been born unto us. Our salvation and our saviour. This is a joyous event and the completion of a family is reflected through today’s readings and Gospel. The readings look at the family and the unity, love and respect that it is built upon. The respect and love that one would expect for our father and our mother. The attributes that I have just mentioned those of respect, love and charity are the basic attributes on which a society is built.
Holy family---JMJ

God has provided us with a stable base on which we now must strive to build our own family units. He has shown us the model upon that which Christian families should strive to meet.

The First Reading from Ecclesiasticus 3:2-6 12-14
The message of our first reading is significant but also very simple. We are told that God has a place in every family including ours! We are told that to honour our parents will lead to the forgiveness of our sins andfulfillness of our life here on earth.
The Second Reading is taken from Colossians 3:12-21
We must remember that it is God that chooses our family for us! He chooses our parents our brothers, our sisters and our partners. Our family unit is brought together by God himself. We are taught to love our family. We are also taught that although we may quarrel with each other and we may fall out that we must forgive. Forgiveness is a true attribute to all Christians and although sometimes it is hard to do, it is indeed what God wants us to do. The lord will forgive us for our sins and we must follow his example.
The Gospel according to Luke 2:41-52
In todays Gospel reading we are told how Jesus travelled to Jerusalem for his first passover. After the passover feast Jesus remained behind unbeknown to his parents, who thought he had travelled back home. Three days later after searching and worrying Jesus was found in the Temple surrounded by teachers. Upon his discovery Mary asked why have he had treated them so. Jesus explained that he was in his father’s house. This is the first time that Jesus has taken the name of ‘father’ from Joseph and instead used it to address God, his father in Heaven. Jesus had now, at the beginning of his manhood, recognised and received his call. He would remain obedient to Mary and Joseph until his Calling could be fulfilled. Jesus returned to Nazareth with Mary and Joseph Jesus realised that God had a game plan for him and also recognised that he must wait and when ready God will tell him.
I hope that you are enjoying a peaceful Christmas and New Year.
May our God in Heaven keep a watchful eye over us and help us to grow our family units as he has instructed.
We ask this in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen.
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