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A prayer to be said by Priests for the Sanctification of the Clergy,
composed by Pope Pius Ⅻ

O Lord Jesus Christ, eternal High Priest, Good Shepherd and Fountain of Life, who hast numbered us among Thy priests not through any merits of ours but by the special bounty of Thy most Sacred Heart, mercifully grant unto us an abundance of Thy gifts that we may be able to fulfil those priestly promises which we have made by the inspiration of Thy grace. Since Thou didst sanctify Thyself for us that we also may be truly sanctified (Joh 17, 19), and since Thou art our Way, grant that we may never depart from Thee so that becoming well versed in Thy teaching and faithful in the keeping of Thy commandments we my reflect in our conduct the image and kind dispositions of Thy Sacred Heart. Thus in Thee and through Thee we shall in all things be found pleasing to the heavenly Father.

May perfect justice together with prudence shine forth in our lives and let robust fortitude be tempered by the restraints of chaste temperance. With pure faith abiding in our hearts, may they be consoled by the hope of immortal blessings, and become inflamed with the fires of heavenly love from Thy Sacred Heart, the burning furnace of charity. Grant that we may be ever diligent in meditating on Thy words, radiant with the brightness of Thy eternal wisdom for the enlightenment of our minds. Thus from that very pasture in which we are fed, we can feed the sheep of Thy flock committed to our care. May the enemies of Thy Gospel stand in awe as they witness the strong bonds of unity that knit us so closely together. May they never have occasion to observe in our conduct anything with which to find fault with Thy Church, our spotless and immaculate Mother. Finally, may we ever prefer Thy glory to our own personal gain, and grant us to persevere to our last breath in the fruitful performance of duty with an upright will and a pure conscience. Then after death be Thou, who art now our Teacher and Companion, our eternal reward in the glory of the Saints, who livest and reignest with God the Father in the unity of the Holy Ghost for ever and ever. Amen.

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